Nanny State: John Kerry, Vietnam War veteran

17 March 2009

John Kerry, Vietnam War veteran

Remember John Kerry? He was a Vietnam War veteran and he ran for president. And he lost both.

I heard him on the Imus radio show this morning, ranting about the AIG bonuses, and he announced that he was proposing a bill that would "tax the bonuses back to the American people."

I join him in the ant-bonus rants, but his solution is really scary. He wants to pass a law that will target those AIG employees getting bonuses. A law that will not raise my taxes or the public's taxes, but will zero in on only those employees. That doesn't sound right to me, and I hope he doesn't have that much power. Who will be next on his rant list? Does anyone wonder why the IRS is hated and feared by almost all?

Obama, Kerry, or Congress do not have the authority to nullify the employee contracts of AIG. They can rant and threaten, but do we really want them to have that much power?

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