Nanny State: April 2009

28 April 2009

Secession: The Ultimate States' Right

By Ron Paul
Published 04/28/09

Last week the governor of Texas ignited a media firestorm for his remarks involving the idea of secession. He did not call for Texas to secede from the United States. He merely pointed out that the federal government was treading heavily on the sovereignty of the states and that this can not continue indefinitely without a breaking point.

The reaction to Governor Perry's statements has been nothing short of hysterical. He has been called treasonous for making this obvious point and opening up a discussion. I am not calling for secession either, however there is nothing wrong with a healthy and open discussion of this issue.

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23 April 2009

The Peoples Republic of New Jersey requires sprinkler systems in new homes

One of these days, New Jersey will break off the continent and fall into the Atlantic Ocean because of the weight of all its rules and regulations. The stacks and stacks of nanny state laws will be too heavy and the state will just dissolve into the waters of the Atlantic and the Delaware River will become the eastern seaboard.

Starting in 2012, all new homes will be required to have a sprinkler system in every room. That's right, a sprinkler system, and we're not talking about a $10 smoke alarm. A $250,000 home's sprinkler system will cost approximately $10,000. I know, it's kinda hard to find a $250,000 home in New Jersey, but by 2012 it will be a lot easier.

The bullshit the sheeple of New Jersey put up with is unbelievable.

I'm going to call Governor Perry of Texas to see if he would come up and give a few speeches in New Jersey.

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20 April 2009

Happy Earth Day

"The planet isn't going anywhere. We are!"

16 April 2009

09 April 2009

What happened on 9 April 1865?

Today is the anniversary of a sad day in US history.

On this day in 1865, states' rights in the USA died at Appomattox Court House, Virginia.

The United States of America changed from "are" to "is" and we have been unable to reverse the trend toward collectivism.