Nanny State: March 2010

28 March 2010

Taking the Tenth, by Fred Reed

The Last Hope

March 19, 2010

Washington is out of control. It does as it likes, without restraint. It spends American money and American lives to fight remote wars for which it cannot provide a plausible reason. It determines what our children will be taught, who we can hire and fire, to whom we can sell our houses, whether we can defend ourselves, even what names we can call each other. The feds read our email and track the web sites we visit, make us hop around barefoot in airports at the command of surly unaccountable rentacops. They search us at random in train stations without even a pretense of probable cause. We have no influence over them, no way of resisting.

Except, perhaps, to ignore them.

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04 March 2010

TSA Announces New Security Check-In Procedures

For smaller airports that will not have the new backscatter imaging technology devices, the following procedure for security check-in will be in place.

To maintain complete security, everyone will be required to disrobe in the outer area before entering the check-in area. For privacy and modesty concerns there will be separate lines for males and females.