Nanny State: October 2008

31 October 2008

The Repugnance of Socialism


Earlier this year I read a column in which the writer rejoiced because the word, "socialism," is no longer a scary bogeyman to Americans. When I Googled the writer and learned he was only 31 and graduated from Columbia, it wasn't hard to figure out how he got it all wrong.

Since he had clearly been taught our "revised" history -- the one that glosses over the 100,000,000-grave killing fields of the communists and makes high drama out of the "sufferings" of the Hollywood blacklisted and the McCarthy hearings -- he didn't have a clue about what actually happened. This pitiful, Ivy-League indoctrinated writer had reached the false conclusion that Americans used to be scared down to their woolies of the big bad commies, but weren't anymore.

Isn't it hard to believe that reasonably intelligent parents actually pay big bucks for those fancy degrees in poppycock?

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30 October 2008

The Attack on Libertarianism

by Aaron David Ward

"...The economic meltdown was made possible by endless government intervention, fractional reserve banking, fiat money, government control of money and monetary policy, and our modern day mercantile economy."

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Are YOU a Socialist? Use this Flow Chart to Find Out.

Or are you a Republican or some crazy fringe nutjob? Use this handy flow chart to find out.

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29 October 2008

Idle thoughts from an idle mind

Young female drivers have taken over the dubious title of reckless drivers.More times than not, when you see a young driver driving like a young male, the driver is female.

Drivers of expensive cars, such as Mercedes and BMW, seem to be more assholish than drivers of lesser priced cars. They are more apt to go too fast, cut in and out of lanes dangerously, and they lack simple courtesy towards other drivers. Maybe it's just my class envy and prejudice.

When did company-offered health care benefits become a right?

When anyone says something is a "no-brainer," I rev up my brain.

"Okay, you people." When I hear anyone address a group with "people," I leave or turn him off.

Anyone caught peeing on a toilet seat in a public restroom should be caned. If he is a minor, his father should be caned for not teaching him.

Most "undecideds" are probably "noneoftheaboves."

When did "you're welcome" get replaced by "no problem?"

Why is "Jack" the nickname for "John?" Why does "John" even need a nickname?

27 October 2008

Want to know more about Barack Obama?

In a 2001 Obama interview by WBEZ Chicago Public Radio, we learn his beliefs regarding socialist policies. Among other things, he laments the fact that the Warren Supreme Court did not pursue "redistribution of wealth" enough.

Pay close attention to what he says about breaking the constraint of the founding fathers.


26 October 2008

Drug War Facts

The Department of Justice reported that by Sept. 30, 2006, federal prisons held a total of 176,268 inmates, of whom 93,751 (53%) were drug offenders.

More numbers and drug war facts can be found HERE.

Gillespie Speaks at Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference

Palin Sounds Warning About Obama’s Nannystate

Perhaps one of the most pervasive threats to freedom in this country is the nanny state, or this idea that the government she be solving all of our problems for us.  And Republicans - with their support of bailouts for Wall Street for entitlement expansions like Medicare prescription drugs - have no lock on the high ground for this issue.

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23 October 2008

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22 October 2008

Definition changes for the times

With the country shifting more and more toward socialism, the definitions of a few common words have changed and you should be aware of the changes to keep from getting confused.

Need - When someone else wants your money

Greed - When you want to keep your money

Compassion - When a politician comes up with a plan to take your money and give it to someone else

I was once guilty of mis-using "compassion" in the same twisted way as above.

About 20 years ago, I volunteered to help poor hispanics with their income tax forms. In each and every case, I was able to get an IRS refund for them that exceeded the amount that had been witheld. I felt like Santa Claus.

I did this for several days and afterwards, I had a sore arm for patting myself on the back for being so "compassionate." If I had really been compassionate, I would have taken money from MY pocket to give them. Instead, I filled out the forms in order to give them YOUR money.

21 October 2008

John Stossel's 20/20 Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics

This video aired 17 October 2008

Part 1 of 6

Click HERE for Parts 2 through 6.

"Heaven forbid" scenarios to consider

First scenario: A white man assassinates Obama. What would happen next?

Think about it.

Second scenario: A black man assassinates McCain. What would happen next?

Think about it.'s the question.

Are you a racist because you thought about riots, looting, bombing, and "burn, baby burn" for the first scenario? But not about the second?

Think about it.

No license for Joe? So what

Bill Steigerwald, Commentary
East Valley Tribune (Phoenix)

Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, the Republican Party’s newest working-class hero from Ohio, has been ridiculed and had his private life probed since he had the nerve to confront Barack Obama about taxation.

For liberals, one of Joe’s biggest crimes against humanity — besides apparently owing about $2,000 in back taxes — is the charge that he works as a plumber but doesn’t have a plumber’s license.

In Ohio, Joe’s not required by law to get a license before he can practice plumbing. But he needs to get a license if he decides he’d rather make his living as an accountant, architect, barber, chiropractor, cosmetologist, dental hygienist, dentist, paramedic, funeral director, hearing aid fitter, insurance agent, land surveyor, lawyer, nursing home administrator, nurse, occupational therapist, optometrist, pesticide applicator, pharmacist, physical therapist, physician assistant, physician, podiatrist, psychologist, public school teacher, real estate agent, real estate appraiser, school counselor, stock broker, social worker, truck driver, veterinarian or vet’s assistant.

Before Joe Wurzelbacher or anyone else wants to become Joe the Barber or Joe the Podiatrist, he must first get the permission of his state government.

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2A Today for the USA, Part One

A very well made video on the Second Amendment...from The Liberty Crew at

2A Today for the USA, Part Two

2A Today for the USA, Part Three

20 October 2008


We will soon need a new name. How about USSA...The United States of Socialist America?
Or should it be, The United Socialist States of America. Same initials either way.

I like the second one.

We have spent the last several generations saying how terrible are socialist governments with central planning. They are inept, wasteful, corrupt, tyrannical, and they are never able to manipulate an economy, no matter how noble the purpose.

Our political leaders need to dig up some old speeches and study them.

Christmas every day and a chicken in every pot

McCain and Obama are competing against each other at a faster and faster pace to give us more and more goodies. It will be all so great until we realize they are charging it all on our credit card.