Nanny State: February 2009

22 February 2009

Legalization: Yes We Can

In 2007, over 765,000 people were arrested for marijuana possession in the U.S. How much did all these arrests cost us? The average cost per arrest is $10,400. Don't you think we could spend our money more wisely? We spent over seven thousand million US taxpayer dollars against our fellow citizens. Even more important, we caused untold misery, shame, job loss, and embarrassment to our friends and neighbors. Why?


State by State Marijuana Laws

17 February 2009

The Philosophy of Liberty

15 February 2009

War on Drugs

This is one of those "a photo is worth a thousand words" photo. Shows what the "War on Drugs" is about. Would be interesting to know if the person who lost the SUV was involved in illegal drugs.

What Has Government Done to Our Money/ by Murray Rothbard


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America's Great Depression

Applied Austrian economics doesn't get better than this. Murray N. Rothbard's America's Great Depression is a staple of modern economic literature and crucial for understanding a pivotal event in American and world history.

America's Great Depression, by Murray Rothbard                                                                                                                    

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14 February 2009

10 February 2009

The train is coming

We the People are this young man jumping the gate and walking across the railroad track. He misjudged the speed of the oncoming train and was a half step ahead of becoming a mess on the tracks.

We are a half step ahead of the far-left takeover of this country and we are unaware of the speed of the oncoming mess. We are tired of the financial crisis. We don't dare open our mutual fund and 401K statements because we know how angry we will be. We deserve to be angry.

Kid Almost Crushed By Train - Watch more Funny Videos

No matter how well-meaning and civic-minded our elected congressmen are before they are elected, their number one goal after election is to be re-elected. Let them know about your anger. If you need some very good assistance in communicating with your congressmen, here is a website that will make it easy. Enter your zip code and the website will find your congessmen. You can send them a message through the website or follow the directions given to contact them by mail.


By Kirby Ferris
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. © JPFO 2009

Presently in this country, an objective observer would have to acknowledge that a distinct (but far too quiet) majority of Americans do not want any further “gun control”. However, this “soft” opinion is malleable.

Americans watched Hurricane Katrina and realized that the armed citizen was very likely safer than the disarmed victims of plunder and rape. And then Americans watched New Orleans police disarm law abiding citizens. This cannot have set well in the common sense area of most peoples’ brains.

Virginia Tech horrifically showcased the disarmed victim. While anti gun politicians got on the gun grabbing bandwagon, bundling their malicious conniving in pages of “feel good” legislation, many States and municipalities judiciously instituted “right to carry” laws. And now, low and behold, violent crime is dropping in nearly all those locales.

The “real” America has actually been growing away from the delusions of personal disarmament. The “ivory tower” America keeps pounding the drums for more “gun control”. Truth be known? The anti gun elitists know that their strategies have somewhat stagnated.

They desperately need an event, a gory spectacle, to fuel their wish list of draconian legislation.

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07 February 2009

You don't have to be a math major.

Could this be our problem?

Listen to this audio between a Verizon customer and Verizon.

John Stossel: The interview (Part 1 of 2)