Nanny State: Idle thoughts from an idle mind

29 October 2008

Idle thoughts from an idle mind

Young female drivers have taken over the dubious title of reckless drivers.More times than not, when you see a young driver driving like a young male, the driver is female.

Drivers of expensive cars, such as Mercedes and BMW, seem to be more assholish than drivers of lesser priced cars. They are more apt to go too fast, cut in and out of lanes dangerously, and they lack simple courtesy towards other drivers. Maybe it's just my class envy and prejudice.

When did company-offered health care benefits become a right?

When anyone says something is a "no-brainer," I rev up my brain.

"Okay, you people." When I hear anyone address a group with "people," I leave or turn him off.

Anyone caught peeing on a toilet seat in a public restroom should be caned. If he is a minor, his father should be caned for not teaching him.

Most "undecideds" are probably "noneoftheaboves."

When did "you're welcome" get replaced by "no problem?"

Why is "Jack" the nickname for "John?" Why does "John" even need a nickname?

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