Nanny State: Definition changes for the times

22 October 2008

Definition changes for the times

With the country shifting more and more toward socialism, the definitions of a few common words have changed and you should be aware of the changes to keep from getting confused.

Need - When someone else wants your money

Greed - When you want to keep your money

Compassion - When a politician comes up with a plan to take your money and give it to someone else

I was once guilty of mis-using "compassion" in the same twisted way as above.

About 20 years ago, I volunteered to help poor hispanics with their income tax forms. In each and every case, I was able to get an IRS refund for them that exceeded the amount that had been witheld. I felt like Santa Claus.

I did this for several days and afterwards, I had a sore arm for patting myself on the back for being so "compassionate." If I had really been compassionate, I would have taken money from MY pocket to give them. Instead, I filled out the forms in order to give them YOUR money.

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