Nanny State: Nanny state's bright idea: ban the light bulb

17 March 2007

Nanny state's bright idea: ban the light bulb

Ross Gittins
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

IT'S surprising how little criticism there's been of Malcolm Turnbull's plan to phase out incandescent light bulbs. It's no surprise there's been no complaint from the punters, of course, but what about the economic rationalists and the libertarians?

Talk about high-handed intervention in a free market by the nanny state. Where are the warriors of the Centre for Independent Studies and the Institute of Public Affairs when we need them to defend our liberties?

Why the direct resort to command-and-control? If switching to compact fluorescent lights is such a good idea, why not start with less coercive measures? A voluntary industry code of practice, for instance. Whatever happened to freedom of choice?


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