Nanny State: Atlantic City, NJ High School Dress Code

03 July 2009

Atlantic City, NJ High School Dress Code

Robert's Note: The colors allowed last year for pants were navy blue or khaki. Since there was some confusion between dark blue and navy blue and between khaki and tan, the Board of Ed solved the confusion by allowing only black for pants and black or white for shirts. Wouldn't it have been easier to allow dark blue or light brown? Or how about giving the students some freedom and letting them choose their own clothes? These are the adults in charge of educating the children. I am speechless.

Revised Dress Code for 2009-2010 School Year

Shirts for Students

-Three Buttoned Collared golf shirts (long or short sleeved).
-Shirts must be loosely fitted and midriffs must be covered and dress shirts must be buttoned above the chest line.
-Shirts colors are only solid white or solid black.
- Items worn under golf shirts must be solid colors: white or black.

Not Acceptable:
-Turtlenecks, No branding or logos of any kind (i.e. Nike symbol, Polo symbol, etc.)
-Tank tops, T-shirts, thin-strapped tops, tube tops, mesh, fish-net styles, spandex-type materials or clothing which exposes the back, chest, shoulders or midriff and low cut shirts.
-Material cannot be sheer, see-through, or shiny nylon denim or denim-like.
-Shirts may not be altered.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts for Students

-Crew-necked, V-necked or cardigans over collared shirts. (colors as specified)
-Sweaters and sweatshirts must be loosely fitted.
-Sweater and sweatshirt colors are only solid white or solid black.

Not Acceptable:
-Hooded sweaters and hooded sweatshirts.
-Jackets, coats, windbreakers, warm-up jackets, hats, gloves and any type of outer garment may not be worn in the classrooms, hallways, or the cafeteria during the regular school day.
-Material cannot be sheer, see-through, or shiny nylon denim or denim-like.

Pants and Shorts for Students

-Docker-style, corduroy, or dress pants with no more than five regular size pockets.
-Capri pants
-Pant cuffs must be within the heel to toe of student’s footwear.
-Pants must be approximately sized and worn at the waist.
-Pant colors are black only.
- Bermuda or walking shorts must touch the knee.
(September 1 – November 1 and April 1 – End of the Year.)

Not Acceptable:
-No Skirts and skorts
-Shorts above the knee or gym shorts.
-Material cannot be sheer, see-through, or shiny nylon.
-No chain, link or personalized belts.
-Stretch type material (i.e. dance pants) will not be allowed.
-No cargo pants, no parachute pants, no outside side pockets, no painter’s pants, no overalls, and no hip-huggers.
-Pajama pants
-No drawstrings on the bottom of pants.

Footwear for Students

-Socks must be solid white or black.
-Shoes with rubber or hard soles and sneakers.
-Boots that are soft leather with rubber soles (i.e. hiking boots, Uggs, etc.).
-Dress sandals must have a heel-strap and toes covered.

Not Acceptable:
-Shower shoes
-Bedroom slippers
-Work boots (i.e. hard leather with hard soles).


Students participating in athletics may wear their team uniform top only on the day of the event.

Not Acceptable:
-Wearing team uniform out of season.
-Wearing any team apparel other than the team uniform (i.e. team t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, or warm-ups, etc.).

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