Nanny State: The train is coming

10 February 2009

The train is coming

We the People are this young man jumping the gate and walking across the railroad track. He misjudged the speed of the oncoming train and was a half step ahead of becoming a mess on the tracks.

We are a half step ahead of the far-left takeover of this country and we are unaware of the speed of the oncoming mess. We are tired of the financial crisis. We don't dare open our mutual fund and 401K statements because we know how angry we will be. We deserve to be angry.

Kid Almost Crushed By Train - Watch more Funny Videos

No matter how well-meaning and civic-minded our elected congressmen are before they are elected, their number one goal after election is to be re-elected. Let them know about your anger. If you need some very good assistance in communicating with your congressmen, here is a website that will make it easy. Enter your zip code and the website will find your congessmen. You can send them a message through the website or follow the directions given to contact them by mail.

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