Nanny State: Ten Reasons to Be Happy About This Election

05 November 2008

Ten Reasons to Be Happy About This Election

Source: Copious Dissent

In no particular order:

1) Democrats now must take responsibility for every mistake and downturn in our society;

2) Daily Kos and the Huffington Post will have nothing to write about;

3) Republicans will need to go back to their roots of cutting spending and limiting the size of government;

4) Students who have been indoctrinated by Leftists professors will get the best education of their lifetime on why Big Government doesn't work;

5) The arguments for Affirmative Action are dead;

6) The argument that America is a racist Country is now dead;

7) We will no longer be forced to defend indefensible RINOs, including John McCain;

8) Republicans may have a filibuster;

9) Al Franken lost, Norm Coleman won and we kept Michele Bachmann (well, I think so...but I'm not waiting up any longer to find out);

10) John McCain will not be President.

Copious Dissent

1 comment:

Robert said...

1) No...we the people now have to take responsibility. The president does not run the country. We the people run the country.

6) No...the country did not change its attitudes on race. The election might even increase the racial divide.