Nanny State: Big brother in NH: Seat belt issue isn't safety

08 April 2007

Big brother in NH: Seat belt issue isn't safety

No offense to New Hampshire representatives who last week (narrowly) approved mandatory usage of seat belts by adults, but they just don't get it. We hope the state Senate and Gov. John Lynch do.

Contrary to expressions voiced in the debate, the issue here is not public health or safety.

Cornish Democrat Carla Skinder told colleagues, "You all may think you are good drivers. (But) It may be the person coming in the other direction who causes this life-changing event."

True enough, which is why everyone should opt to buckle up. It makes sense.

But it doesn't make sense for government to be intruding in matters of personal choice. Up until now, New Hampshire's citizen government has for the most part resisted those intrusions.


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